If it’s Tuesday we must be in Technique class

So tonight’s class was unexpected: dV instead of Z, which was nice because I really enjoy learning from dV and I love her style. The class wasn’t ridiculously hard, but getting all the movements as sharp as hers is tough. Her clarity of movement is fabulous and her abdominal work is just spot on.

We did drilling for a half hour on one basic layered phrase, and it had me sweating. Abdominal work does that to me every time. I noticed an issue with my posture, and I’m not sure if the two are related, but my dang sciatica was acting up again. And I foam rolled for almost an HOUR before class. Sigh. Time for some ibuprofen.

Tomorrow is going to be crazy. I’m supposed to have choreography class, which is either S’s drum piece or R’s AA choreo. I still don’t know what I’m dancing for the holiday gig. I have a couple of weeks to figure it out, I guess. We’re off on Thanksgiving, but we have full days until next Saturday, with an extra rehearsal in there somewhere. And then I have the private coaching with D on Dec 5, which I’m incredibly nervous about.


Monday musings…

Without Nutcracker in the way, I get a lot more accomplished this time of year. I don’t miss it. Really. I love ballet, but it’s not the end-all of dance. Besides, there is a part of me that thinks the Oriental variations will make a very cool Nutcracker story, if we can find the right music.

So, class today: Kind of a slacker day.

Today we rehearsed R’s AA choreo, which she keeps changing every time we dance it. Fortunately I think I have figured out basically what she wants — her general idea for the sections she keeps changing. Since it’s a solo piece, it’s okay to do different every time, but I would like to at least keep the same basic structure that’s she’s asking for.

I only spent a little time working on K’s combinations. I spent too much time playing around pretending I was D and trying to dance like that. But that’s good for you. You have to allow yourself some free time now and again.

Part of me is really weirded out by the breakup with S, and when I work her drum piece, all I want to do is hear her saying “Again,” in that soft voice, as she glares at us from the corner. D keeps telling us we can use S’s material all we want, but it sort of feels like cheating on a lover. Plus, it almost seems like, “What’s the point?” to work on something you know she’s never going to see.  Well, I shouldn’t say never. Who knows what will happen and what the future will bring. If she comes back to Chicagoland I’ll definitely work with her again. Unless I’m too involved with J or D or any of the other major choreographers who have the same sort of vision.